About Yoga Nidra

What is it?


'Yoga nidra' literally translates as 'yogic' or 'psychic sleep'. It's roots are deep within yoga history and psychology, tracing back to the ancient texts. Like meditation, although it is something we practise, technically it's a state of being.


Yoga nidra is an invitation to experience deep rest. You are guided and so it encourages you to be present, while resting. In this way it involves elements of mindfulness and meditation. The real difference is that because you are lying down and resting, the brain waves change and you enter a more relaxed/altered state, which is the nidra state.


You start by getting really comfortable and well supported so that the body and mind can drop into relaxation. You are gently guided through a body scan and can drop into the liminal space between being awake and asleep.


In this state of rest the body can work naturally and efficiently to heal itself, restoring balance (homeostasis). It is a timeless state in which the brain can process very quickly, aligning on the mental, emotional and physical levels. It is a very easy and direct way of accessing the quality of deep rest and integration our bodies need to rebalance and maintain wellbeing.




Immediate Benefits


-    feeling rested, calmer and more present

-    a sense of integration & alignment

-    improved sleep (feedback is most often related to better sleep)

-    enhanced mental clarity


In this way, yoga nidra can help with...


-    insomnia/sleeplessness

-    stress management

-    supporting mental health and emotional wellbeing

-    greater energy & general wellbeing




Deeper Benefits


Yoga nidra is also a safe space in which to connect to inner worlds and experiences, creating the conditions for creativity and spiritual growth.


It is also a really effortless way in to experiencing a meditative state, if you find seated meditation difficult.


Yoga nidra meets you where you are. It is adaptogenic, so you receive what you need in the moment.  If all you need is relaxation, it works! If you are overtired, you might drift and fall into sleep.. but you will still gain the deeper benefits.  


The transformative potential of yoga nidra is huge. It's a powerful tool for shifting unresolved 'stuff' and even trauma. It can be a way of helping to resolve deeper, underlying issues with ease... without the interference of the conscious mind in its waking state, without having to speak about anything and without having to re-live it.


Natalie has trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli (Total Yoga Nidra) and Ben Wolff, both in facilitating yoga nidra in groups and exploring the therapeutic benefits of working one to one with clients. One to one sessions are available.

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