Restorative Yoga Nidra & Crystal Sound Bath

with Natalie - yoga teacher (Yogacampus, IYN), yoga nidra facilitator (TYN) and crystal therapist (ACHO)


What happens in the session?


The purpose of the session is restorative and so is focused on relaxation. It's all about settling into a place of deep rest, where the body can naturally re-integrate,  re-align and find balance... a bit like pressing 'reset'.


Each session comprises a guided relaxation along with therapeutic sound (there's no active yoga involved) with yoga nidra (the guided relaxation part which includes a body scan) and crystal alchemy singing bowls. These are beautiful bowls which emit very pure crystalline energies. They are played intuitively and each session varies in content.


There's no requirement to do anything or to even try to relax. The sessions create a space in which you have permission to rest and 'be' just as you find yourself. Thoughts, resistances and sensations can arise, just like bubbles rise to the surface of water for release. The sounds help to take you deeper and you might drift off somewhere nice, between wake and sleep. It will be different each time and your body can receive what is needed in the moment.


Please take care to read the information and contraindications below before booking and check out the timetable for upcoming dates.


Private bookings for 2 or more people are also available.



What are the benefits?


Both yoga nidra and the sensitive use of sound can help to take you safely into a deeper state of relaxation. In this altered state that the innate healing processes of the body can be activated. This can happen very quickly, so even a short session of either therapeutic sound or yoga nidra can be really beneficial in assisting the body in finding it's natural balance.


As well as the immediate benefits of feeling rested and restored, the sessions assist the healthy functioning of the nervous system and as a result support:


-    healthy sleep patterns

-    stress management

-    physical energy

-    emotional wellbeing

-    mental clarity & creativity


They can also assist in providing a safe and creative space in which to connect to inner worlds and experiences.

Read more about the benefits of yoga nidra, therapeutic sound and crystal alchemy singing bowls.




What do I need to know?




To guarantee a space and avoid disappointment contact Natalie

by email or call/text 07929 889062

If you are more comfortable sitting than lying down, a seat can be reserved.

Payment is currently cash on arrival

For cancellations, please give at least 24hrs notice so that Natalie can offer the space to someone else.



What to bring:


Just bring yourself! Be comfortable, in clothes that you can lie down and relax in.

Everything is provided (but feel free to bring your slipper socks, eyemask, or whatever other home comforts!)

Please take care to avoid any heavy perfumes, as this may affect those with allergies/sensitivities.


Things to be aware of:


The door will be open 15 minutes prior to the session.

Please aim to arrive approx 10 minutes early as we start on time.

Regretfully late arrivals cannot be admitted as it disturbs the settling process (as would the doorbell).

Shoes and coats can be left in the entrance hallway. Bags and valuables can be brought in to the studio.

Please remember to turn your mobile phone off.

Help yourself to water and if you need more props or support, make yourself at home and comfortable.

Sometimes, there is a little gentle snore or two! You can always (very gently and kindly) nudge the person next to you. However there's always some background noise and you're encouraged to welcome it in.




If you have a pacemaker, these sessions are not advisable, as the sound frequencies may interefere.

It's recommended that if you are pregnant, that you avoid the sessions within the first 3 months.

If you suffer from Epilepsy, please be aware that these sessions are not recommended and coming is at your own risk. Please also let Natalie know if you have ever suffered a seizure, or are hypersensitive to sound.

Although it may not affect your experience at all, please be aware that if you have any metal plates or implants, these can sometimes be felt, though not necessarily.

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