Crystaltones™ crystal alchemy singing bowls

About the crystal alchemy singing bowls


These bowls are something very new in terms of sound healing. They differ from both the traditional Tibetan metal bowls and the white classic frosted singing bowls which are both very widely and successfully used in therapeutic sound work. The crystal alchemy bowls incorporate the energy of a variety of other crystals, precious metals, elements and blends of. They are created with intention solely for healing using a unique manufacturing process.


Made in Salt Lake City in the US by Crystaltones, they are comprised of high grade quartz melted at very high temperatures and combined with either one or more crystals, earths and metals. These include salt (known for it's purifying, grounding properties), gold, platinum, indium, frankincense, charcoal and many other elements & blends.


In the process of making Crystaltones bowls , the quartz retains it's crystalline structure and 'consciousness'. The purity of the intention, process and resulting sound (the bowl comes out 'singing' at it's own frequency which isn't pre-determined) make them truly unique tools in expanding the possibilities of working with both sound and crystal energy.


Natalie has worked with crystals since becoming drawn strongly to them many years ago, completing a 2 year diploma in crystal therapy in 2014. She started working with the Crystaltones alchemy bowls in 2017 and has completed practitioner training with the Crystal Sonic Practice. Natalie is a re-seller in close collaboration with Genevra at Crystal Singing Bowls UK and holds a collection of around 20 bowls in Halifax, West Yorkshire. If you'd like to make an appointment, please get in touch on 07929 889062 or email

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